American Ash by Ryall and EdwardsAmerican Ash

Northern Ash, also known as ‘Tough Ash’ is pale cream to greyish brown in colour, generally straight grained, with a coarse but even texture.  It is appropriate for applications where strength is a requirement.  Available in other grades, e.g. Common & Selects.

German Steamed Beech by Ryall and EdwardsGerman Steamed Beech

Colour whitish or pale brown, if steamed then a reddish brown hue.  Works fairly readily and gives a good finish.  It can move in response to atmospheric changes so, together with its low resistance to decay, renders it unsuitable for exterior joinery.  If steamed then colour changes to pink or light red.

Sapele by Ryall and EdwardsSapele

Colour dark reddish brown.  Grain is interlocked or wavy with a medium to fine texture.  It works fairly easily.  Available in log form, which when quarter sawn produces the familiar stripey figure.  SGS Stocks available.

Iroko by Ryall and EdwardsIroko

Colour varies from light yellow to golden brown and texture is coarse, often with an interlocked grain.  Works moderately easily with some dulling effect on tools and so a cutting angle of 150 is recommended.  Available in air-dried dimension stock for external construction work.  This is a hardwearing timber which is resistant to decay.  Has many of the desirable features of Teak.

European Oak by Ryall and EdwardsEuropean Oak

Colour light tan to biscuit with silver grey figure on quarter sawn. Usually straight grained but this can vary with growing conditions. This is an increasingly popular timber with interior designers and shop fitters. Moderately durable.

Walnut AM Black by Ryall and EdwardsWalnut AM Black

The colour varies from a light grey-brown to a chocolate brown to purplish brown, and finishes beautifully with an excellent decorative appearance due to its outstanding grain, colour and pattern.  Grain patterns vary from very plain to highly figured.

Meranti by Ryall and EdwardsMeranti

Colour medium to dark reddish brown with white Dammar or resin streaks.  Fairly coarse texture with an interlocked grain.   Works fairly easily and give a good finish.

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