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Hardwood: A key consideration when choosing wood for your garden

Hardwood is a strong, durable and resistant material that can be used for a large range of installations. These attributes make it a popular choice for making furniture, wood-panelling and decking for outside spaces.

If you’re thinking of choosing hardwood for your garden, here are a few key things to consider.


Hardwood presents an excellent option for outdoor fittings such as decking and fencing as it is highly resistant to warping, cracking and decay. Because of its high density, hardwood is also extremely well suited to high-traffic areas as it is not easily broken or damaged.


Although it is a solid and durable material hardwood can be manufactured for pretty much any outdoor use, including fencing, trellising, planters and a wide range of garden furnishing, such as benches and tables. This makes hardwood a useful option when looking to implement a colour scheme…


Hardwood comes in a variety of colours that can be suited to pretty much any style you are aiming to implement in your garden. This includes lighter shades such as American Ash and German Steamed Beech, medium colours such as European Oak and darker options like Iroko and Sapele.


As with any outdoor project it is always wise to consider the exposure of your wood to sunlight and the elements. Because hardwood has a natural resistance to decay and weathering it will last longer than many other wood types, but a bit of careful positioning can certainly aid longevity.


Even a highly resistant material such as hardwood requires protective treatment in order to prevent warping and discolouration over type. Sunlight can drain colour and grain features of hardwood if not maintained regularly, so consider using a UV blocking finish or topcoat to protect it.

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