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5 Great Advantages of Garden Trellis Boards

5 Great Advantages of Garden Trellis Boards

Whether you are looking to add space, depth or order to your garden, installing traditional trellis boards can be a great way to achieve the desired effects.

Available in a variety of styles and sizes that can be adapted for most uses, Trellising offers a lightweight, versatile and aesthetically pleasing solution for most garden space issues.

Here we look at a few of the ways that wooden Trellis boards can be used to improve your garden, making it more effective, organised and easy on the eye.


Trellis boards are made with a variety of soft woods that can be coloured and treated to match any style you choose. Available in a wide range of styles and patterns, trellising is also the perfect base for growing a wide variety of climbing plants such as wisteria or sweet peas.


Installing trellising can help to re-enforce existing fencing and walls around, improving the overall security of your garden. Trellis boards can also be used to add height to existing structures, adding extra privacy to a garden area where you feel it is required.


If your garden is short of space, Trellis boards can be used as an effective method of optimising walls and other standing surfaces. A perfect structure for attaching flower boxes, plant containers and other storage items, trellising is a highly effective way of saving room at ground level.


Larger gardens or allotments can also have issues with space and exposure, which is why many gardeners use Trellis boards to partition and protect plants in different parts of a garden. Even better, trellising can be used to hide away unsightly garden essentials such as waste bins and mulch piles.


Trellising is a cost-effective alternative to heavier fencing options and can also be used to strengthen old or broken surfaces. Trellis boards can also be easily re-used and recycled and are very easy to treat and repair if they become weathered or damaged by the elements.

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