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Why refurbish fencing before winter returns?

Why refurbish fencing before winter returns?

With winter on the way the next couple of months provide a vital opportunity to restore, re-enforce and replace the wooden fencing that surrounds our homes and gardens.

This usually includes replacing missing or broken posts, applying sealants and gloss to protect from bad weather and performing any other maintenance work that can help to make the structure of the fence stronger and more resilient during colder, wetter weather.

Here we look at just a few of the reasons why fixing or treating wooden fences before the winter comes can save time and money when Spring arrives.


From rain and frost to sleet and snow, wooden fencing will be exposed to the most extreme weather of the year during the winter period. So, to protect fences from the elements it is important to make sure that wood surfaces are in good condition, free of severe damp or rot, and are treated with protective paints or sprays to help see them though the winter.


High winds are far more frequent in the winter months so making sure that fencing is structurally stable is vitally important. To ensure a strong base for your fencing it is essential that fence posts are in good condition and properly grounded, whilst replacing damaged or missing fencing panels will help to maintain the structural integrity of fencing even in strong winds.


As the night-time becomes longer and darker during winter the rate of burglaries, especially those affecting residential properties, tend to rise. However, the fence and gating structures that surround our homes play an important role in preventing and deterring break-ins, so making them as strong and solid as possible can help to protect your home through the darker months.


Repair and refurbishment of fencing ahead of the winter months may require a minor outlay now, but could save the cost of replacing broken or damaged posts and panels later down the road. Even simple painted treatments can make a difference, so make sure to give your fencing a little TLC over the next few weeks!

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