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Chestnut Pale Fencing

Traditional chestnut pale fencing is made from cleft chestnut pales and is secured top and bottom by four straining wires for strength and can be supplied with two or three rows of wire. The pales are spaced 75mm apart with the below sizes available. Chestnut pale fencing is very flexible and is easy to wrap around corners and follow the contours of the land.

Sizes Available:
0.9m High, 2 Securing Wires, 75mm Spaced apart, 10m Long
1.2m High, 2 Securing Wires, 75mm Spaced apart, 10m Long
1.2m High, 3 Securing Wires, 75mm Spaced apart, 10m Long

Chestnut pale
Chestnut Cleft Rails

Chestnut post and rail is perhaps one of the most rustic of the post and rail fencing styles and is still very popular in rural locations because of this.

Chestnut is a beautiful wood that is naturally very strong. This means it has the added perk of not requiring treatment when used as a fence post.

Chestnut Cleft Rails
Machine Rounded Fencing

Machine rounded poles are ideal for landscaping projects or DIY projects. With varying lengths and sizes available these timber poles are ideal for a number of applications.

Wooden Half Round Poles – Our wooden poles have a variety of applications and are a very versatile landscaping product for outdoor spaces and throughout the garden. Some of the uses include play equipment structures, pergolas and upright support for trees. The timber poles are manufactured using softwood, and treated with Tanalith E Green to ensure the longevity of the product.

Machine Round Posts
Birds Mouth Fencing

Birdsmouth posts are traditionally used for knee rail fencing. They are ideal to cordon off an area without enclosing in. This fencing uses the birdsmouth straps to ensure the security of the fence.

Ryall and Edwards
Agricultural Fencing

Stock wire fencing, also known as agricultural fencing or sheep or pig wire, is a great general purpose fencing wire that can create an effective boundary that also keeps livestock and domestic pets inside the garden, safe and sound.

Ryall and Edwards
Chainlink Fencing

Chain link is a type of mesh which is suitable for both garden and light security fencing, and commonly seen surrounding tennis courts. Chain link fencing is supported by metal or concrete fence posts, occasionally timber, depending on the situation and personal preference.

Between the posts the chain link is supported on tensioned line wires, so there needs to be a method of anchoring and straining wires firmly at the ends and corners of the fence.

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