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Stylish fencing options for your summer garden

Stylish fencing options for your summer garden

Spring has arrived and offers the perfect opportunity to get our gardens looking great and ready for summer. This preparation work includes improving and replacing garden fencing, which can suffer from damage and weathering during the cold and wet winter months.

To help you choose the best timber fencing for your outside space, we take a look at a few of the fantastic fencing options on offer that can help to add privacy, space and style to your garden this summer:

Close Board Fencing

Close Board is the most popular form of garden fencing in the UK and offers a sturdy and long-lasting solution for small or large outside spaces. The distinctive arris rail structure and morticed post construction mean Close Board Fences can last for years when well-maintained and they are particularly resistant to wind damage.

Lap Panel Fencing

Lap Panel fencing offers a high-quality solution to security and privacy issues and is available in an attractive range of standard green and gold colouring. The design of this type of fencing also makes it particularly easy to replace panels if damage occurs, with replacement boards simply sliding into place!

Picket Fences

Picket (or Open Pale) fences are stylish traditional installations that offer durability and character in equal measure. At Ryall & Edwards we create bespoke picket fences that can be made to meet the exact specifications of your garden and are produced by an experienced in-house carpenter.

Trellis Fence Panels

Trellis fencing offers a fantastic alternative to traditional installations and can be used for various conventional and decorative purposes within a green space. Trellising is particularly popular as it can be easily used to partition different areas of a garden and can be used to help plants and wildlife flourish. 

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