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Discovering the best options for specialist fencing

Discovering the best options for specialist fencing

Specialist fencing offers a wide range of options for different gardening and outdoor projects, whatever you plan to achieve. Here we look at a few of the bespoke fencing options available to our customers at Ryall and Edwards, manufactured to meet your needs:

Agricultural Fencing

Stock wire fencing is also known as Agricultural Fencing or sheep or pig wire, so as you can imagine it is used heavily by the farming industry. However, it also makes for an excellent general-purpose fencing option that creates effective boundaries that keep pets, livestock and gardens secure.

Birds Mouth Fencing

Popularised by its use in car parks, green-spaces and play-areas, Birds Mouth posts are traditionally used for creating knee high fencing options that have an excellent framing quality. This makes them an ideal option if your need to cordon off an area but do not wish to fully enclose it.

Chestnut Cleft Rails

This rustic nature of this popular ‘post and rail’ specialist fencing makes it very popular in rural locations.

Because chestnut is a compact and naturally strong wood, this material requires very little maintenance or treatment and can withstand plenty of punishment from the great outdoors!

Chestnut Pale Fencing

As the name suggests, Chestnut Pale Fencing is made from cleft chestnut pales. This traditional design is secured top and bottom by four straining wires offering variable levels of strength. Chestnut Pale Fencing is noted for its flexibility and the ease with which it can be installed around corners and contours.

Chain Link Fencing

Commonly associated with tennis courts and other leisure facilities, Chain Link Fencing offers a popular variety of mesh wiring that is both attractive and offers mid-weight security benefits. Easily installed, Chain Link Fencing can be supported by a network of metal, concrete or timber fence posts.

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Ryall & Edwards is a timber and fencing supplier based in Surrey, boasting the regions’ largest specialist fencing and timber centre, with our very own twenty-six-acre site near to the M23.

If you would like to find out more about the range of specialist fencing options we have available, please contact our friendly customer services team on 01342 842288.

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