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Essential Fencing Accessories for Your Next Home Fencing Project

Essential Fencing Accessories for Your Next Home Fencing Project

If you are planning on completely replacing the fences at your property, in addition to timber fence panels and posts, there are a number of essential fencing accessories that you will need to consider before starting your project.

Let us talk you through what you will need to successfully build fences for your home perimeters:


Metposts are high quality fence post support systems that can be installed relatively quickly, easily and accurately. Metpost supports are available as fence post spikes, which can be hammed into the ground using only a sledgehammer, a spare piece of fence post and a spirit level, or as bolt down types, which are designed for use where a flush ground fitting is needed. Both varieties of Metpost are designed for suiting garden fences, as well as carports, pergolas and decking systems.

A key issue with timber fence posts is that they can rot when fixed into the ground. Metposts keep the timber post separated from the moisture of the ground, ensuring that fence posts are less likely to rot and mulch.

Suitable nails

When installing timber fencing systems, it goes without saying that nails are an absolute essential. For a durable, general purpose nail, galvanised round wire nails are just as useful for fixing timber fencing panels and posts as they are in many other timber fixing applications. Galvanised nails are vital for outdoor projects as they have a protective zinc coating to prevent premature rust or corrosion.

Clips and cleats for fencing

It is likely that your fencing project will require a range of different clips and cleats, designed to fix timber fencing panels and posts securely.

Nuts, bolts and washers

Nuts and bolts can have many uses in the installation of fences and gates and provide highly reliable fastening qualities. When using nuts and bolts, washers are also vital in order to distribute the pressure of the nut evenly over the surface of the timber so that it won’t be damaged. Washers also help to reduce the chance of a nut and bolt gradually loosening as the smooth surface of the washer is in contact with the uneven surface of the nut.

Hinges, latches and other ironmongery

If you are including a gate in your fencing system, high quality latches and hinges are an essential, not an afterthought.


You will need a range of tools at hand if you are looking to start a fencing installation project. For example:

  • Hammers (including a sledgehammer if you are Metpost spikes)
  • Spirit level
  • Post hole grafting tools
  • Ranging lines
  • Brooms
  • Trowels
  • Saws

If you do not own all of these tools, you can contact Ryall & Edwards Timber & Fencing Merchants. We supply all the high-quality fencing accessories and tools that you will need to get the job done successfully. Simply visit ryall-edwards.co.uk, call 01342 842288 or visit us at Green Lane Sawmills, Outwood, Redhill, Surrey RH1 5QP.

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